SEAM Freedom of Information Requests to KCC

To clarify the status of discussions between the Hub Project Lead and the Trinity Theatre Tunbridge Wells, SEAM asked for details of all meetings, emails and phone conversations during 2016, between Jonathan White (KCC Projects and Operations Manager) and representatives of the Tunbridge Wells Trinity Theatre - including their Executive Director Alex Green. Included in this request are details of all dates and times of contact, together with copies of all notes, minutes and emails.

In Reply Kent Kent Council gave a very concerning answer, that raises questions on their application of the FOI Act, their Governance of Staff and their control of Taxpayers Money. Their response follows:-

Please note that the Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides individuals with a right to recorded information, not necessarily the documents themselves. Therefore, Kent County Council has summarised the requested information held below:


22/01/16 12:00 - 13:00 - Meeting with Alex Green – no notes made.

21/04/16 13:00 - 13:30 - Meeting with Alex Green. Discussed revised plans of the Southborough Hub. He suggested a change to the balcony at first floor to make corridor space smaller and increase seating capacity in the hall. Need to ensure equipment in place to provide access between left and right hand side of stage, no need for a solid wall at the back as this limits flexibility of space. Suitable heavy curtain would do. Discussed operations.

13/06/16 15:00 - 16:00 Meeting with Alex Green. Discussed control room site lines, views of charcoal blue and trinity do not align. The need to ensure dressing room furniture could be multi-use. Looked at options for four dressing rooms but space requirements are tight and adults can share. Suggested additional toilet on second floor. Suggested changing accessible dressing room to include a toilet. Suggested that increasing the workshop size would be helpful if possible. Discussed the bar and how it might work with options for delivering this in a different way. Reduce the requirements for two kitchens in the facility to one. As this is a client request to serve the hall and the community rooms both will need to be kept. Fly tower/floor was discussed and this is subject to funding at this time.

16/09/16 09:00 – 17:00 - Tunbridge Wells Cultural Hub Architect Clarification Meeting – Alex Green was present. No minutes of this meeting.

22/09/16 12:00 – 13:00 - Meeting with Alex Green - no notes made.

No notes of telephone conversations have been made.

No emails from Alex Green or anyone else at Trinity.